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We love pets, but not everyone one does. If you have a 4 legged loved one that would like to join you in Grand Rapids newest, metropolitan hotspot, we will consider quiet, well-behaved, potty trained, good-smelling pets. Breed and size restrictions and other rules apply.

Please indicate your desire for a pet on your application along with Fido’s mug shot and resume (see sample) and if approved, a signed waiver and health certificate will be required along with a small deposit and rent surcharge.

Breed Regulations: No Aggressive Dog Breeds - Doberman, Chow, Pit Bull Terrier, Rottweiler, Wolf Hybrid Mix, or any aggressive in nature.

Details on Fees: An additional $500 security deposit and an extra $100/month rent will be charged. Pets are restricted from indoor common areas-we know its not fair-and leashes are always required on the premises. And trust us, if we catch your pooch takin’ a pit stop without a clean-up, you will be fined a minimum of $50."